Why are airports so boring?

IO's note: This was written Thursday but I had trouble posting it because I was, er, stuck in an airport.

I am stuck in an airport. That's a bad thing. Airports are like the bland yet evil automatons that populate sci-fi movies. Veritable zombies of the travel world. They are pretty much all alike: devoid of personality, soulless and vaguely annoying. (An exception is the colourful Morun airport in northern Mongolia, which features a billiard table, sandstorms and squat toilets.)

But it doesn't have to be so. Here are five ways to improve airports:

1. More comfortable seats. What is it with these bench-like things with stubby armrests and nowhere to put your beverage?

2. Cheaper prices. The airport is like some former Soviet republic where inflation is always running at 483 per cent.

3. An Internet cafe. What better place for one?

4. A craft co-op. Why not a spot where the vibrant, cool art and handmade goods produced in our city can be displayed and sold?

5. A giant aquarium. Travelling can be stressful. Watching seahorses cavort and tropical fish glide through the water is a good way to relax. They are the smart ones, choosing to swim rather than fly.


Woodsy said...

I truly like your craft co-op idea. I am always disappointed when I travel and I cannot find local art.

When I traveled by Ferry with my boys (when they were little), I was always thrilled that they had a kids area with kids movies and a mini playground. All airports should have those!

Anonymous said...

I thought all airports had internet cafes now. Well, maybe not the one in mongolia but still..

and lots do have aquariums, they just hide them in those Gold Class and First Class lounges that the plebs aren't allowed into.

my friend at tetherdcow.com recently designed a 'soundscape' for the Qantas First Lounge....


Anonymous said...

Comfortable airports would just set up false expectations of flight itself