Stringer Tree Guerillas? Never heard of 'em

With a new Parliament upon us, it seems an opportune time to try to divine the political fortunes of our federal parties. Sometimes that means peering into the mists for hidden messages, scripted code and fateful meaning. So let's rev up the trusty Internet Anagram Server and see what we can learn by typing in their names.

Conservatives ... Cave Voter Sins

Liberals ... Ill Bears or, if you are a glass half-full type, Ballsier

Bloc Quebecois ... Coo Clique Ebbs

New Democrats ... Comrade Newts

Green Party ... Rapt Energy

Looking ahead to the Liberal leadership race, things appear a little menacing for Michael Ignatieff ... Mafia Fleecing Hit ... and equally troublesome for Dominic LeBlanc ... Clinical Mob Den ... but perhaps former Ontario premier Bob Rae will again rule in the coming Bob Era.

Image: Superior Comrade Newt keeps an eye or two on the proletariat


Anonymous said...

The opposition may wish to plant a flask in the Speaker's big comfy chair:
Peter Milliken ... Meeker Till Nip

Woodsy said...

If only they were all as clever and cute as Comrade Newt...