Workout Wednesday

The good citizens of Lucca limber up


Woodsy said...

Independent Observer (or should I say Independent Voyeur) nice picture!

4th Dwarf said...

Woodsy, the IO is anything but a voyeur!

(a) A true voyeur would have a stronger optical zoom.

(b) A true voyeur would have chosen a shot that did not have the athlete's over-shirt draped as it is.

(c) If you look at the full size version of the image, you'll see that she is giving the IO a thumbs-up to indicate that she's ready for him to take the photo.

[p.s. IO, did you catch points (a) and (b)? You need a better camera and more patience.]

Woodsy said...

Dwarfie, thanks for the tips! I have been doing it all wrong too. Can I borrow your camera?