Newsflash: Harmony is no longer blogging

Harmony's Singing in the Shower blog is no longer. I was about to comment on her latest posting -- basically to tell her that she's hot -- when I was shocked to discover that the blog was no longer there. I emailed her immediately, and here is her email response:

From: Harmony
To: Aggie
Sent: October 18, midnight

Subject: Re: Where the hell is your blog?

Thanks for noticing!

I deleted it.

Various reasons, none important, but I was about done with it, as I was with my cell phone about 6 months ago...

I'm now Facebook free, cell-free, blog-free, and if i had my druthers, internet-free..

I mean, did she think about maybe taking a little break? Or, maybe doing a little non-blogging experiment? I don't know anyone who has deleted her blog....Ok, maybe just one...
Anyway, I have offered to blog about her non-blogging, and she seems ok with this idea. I'm happy for her. She's free now. I'm still shackled and chained.


4th Dwarf said...

Shackled? Chained? Oh, stop it, Aggie.

I'm at least glad we didn't choose Harmony as a new muse. It would have been upsetting to create an analytical base of metablog postings and then have all our links to her original posts go dead.

Have you noticed that Blogger makes it easier for you to delete your blog than they do for you to put captioned text below a photo?

I read today that impulsive people are more prone to substance abuse. Do you suppose that Harmony is on crack?

Busily-blogless said...

I'd be happy to admit that...if it were true.

I have been eating a lot of crap lately...would that have the same effect, do you think?