During an outing at the Cube Gallery in August, I played a game that I am certain many of you played as a kid. When the Eaton's Christmas catalogue would arrive in the mail, did you ever hide with it in your room for hours and fantasize that you could order anything your heart desired? I did.

When I saw the art by Alison Smith-Welsh, I was inspired to virtually shop for some of you. In my fantasy, I bought

this ensemble for the ESIs' darling, Audrey,

a pair of panties for the lovely Pandora (this piece is called Pandora's Box),

boots for the indomitable Zoom to continue to kick ass,

and of course, this corset, for the sensuous Nursemyra.

A little mouse-over the pictures will give you an extra tickle.


zoom said...

I LOVE my boot! Thanks Woodsy!

Anonymous said...

oh wow they're all marvellous! we should all go out on the town wearing them :-)

Woodsy said...

Zoom, you are most welcome - anything to assist you in your causes!

Nursemyra, what a great idea!

Audrey said...

How kind of you, Woodsy! The purse and shoes are awesome!