Tribute to the Owner of Elgin Street Video

The Elgin Street Video Store is my favourite video store in the city. It's filled with rather high-end choices of movies and TV series, and the store itself is one large tribute to Hollywood, complete with artifacts and momentos from movies over the past 50 years. The place is part museum, part video store, and one is always in good hands there when seeking advice on movie rental pics. Today there is a sign on the door explaining that the store is closed until further notice due to the sudden death of the owner, Bill Kinsman, age 60.

My condolences to his family and friends. Elgin Street will miss him.


The Independent Observer said...

I've enjoyed the store's ever-changing window displays on timely themes like Canada Day and the moon landing anniversary. I hope the next one salutes Mr. Kinsman.

Tiana said...

is this the bald guy who was always working there? If so, he did NOT look 60!

Seventh Heathen said...

It's our favourite video shop too. They're very nice, and they really know they're stuff. And I loved their own French Fry display when Super Size me was out.

Right beside Perfect Books, it's a little oasis of independence. I hope we don't lose it.

I always think that an exceptional staff is a sign of an exceptional owner.

Here's a news item.

Jennifer said...

Hi all,

FYI - the video store reopened on Monday!! Just in time for winter when all we'll want to do is cocoon!!