Thong Thursday

I was going to make Thursday, Thong Thursday. However, given the gravity of the current economic situation, I must shift my focus to non-arse matters. I'm ignoring the election here up north. Not because I think it's boring ( even though it is). But because the Harper majority possibility scares me into a blah-blah-blah-I'm-not-listening kind of state. So, let's shift the focus south. Not that it is less scarey.
McCain has suspended campaigning because......he thinks he can singlehandedly save the economy right before the election? Or, is it because (here's the conspiracy theory) Bush is planning to cancel the election because ......how can they have an election when the "entire economy is in danger"? And watch for another terrorist attack while you're at it.
Apart from all this, the weather has been nice, eh? Warm enough to wear a thong.


Seventh Heathen said...

I think McCain's gone to ask how he's expected to spin the Republican shift from "The fundamentals of the economy are sound" to "The fundamentals of the economy sound really really scary".

Here's hoping the misogynists outvote the racists in November...

Harmony said...

Hey, if coyote is now sporting a pink bra (courtesy of 4D, no doubt), does this mean we'll soon see Aggie flashing us the thong?
What fun for all the boys!
Now, how about some six-pack shots of the male ESIs (neck down only, of course), a la Woodsy?
You do have great abs, you guys, right?
So, what do I win 4D, what do I win?

coyote said...

PhotoShop vandals. They're everywhere...