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The world needs a new model of politics where a diverse ecosystem of providers offers a variety of institutions that evolve to serve their citizens.
Simply put, the world needs a straight-shooter like Barry Allen again.

the world needs a hero

Clearly, the world needs a massive amount of carbon-free electricity by 2050 to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions.
Iran's defense minister said last Monday the world needs a missile shield to protect against threats from Israel and the United States.
The world needs a BRAVESTARR live action movie, starring THE ROCK.
The World Needs A Good Gorilla Suit
The world needs a gadget that can transport people and things anywhere they want to go.

The World Needs a Hero

Everything in the world needs a change for the better over time.

The World Needs a Hero

The world needs a new, non-polarised, and non-contentious politic; one not made possible by those in situations that promote a left-right, black-white, capitalist-communist, believer-infidel thinking.
I Think The World Needs A Drink
The world needs a place like Biola that does not compromise, that’s rigorous in its academic programs — a place where parents can send their children, not to have their values undermined, but built up
The movie offers no solution for redemption and change but I was reminded how much the world needs a savior.
The scale of the obesity epidemic is such that the world needs a global pact on the best ways to tackle it.

The World Needs a Hero

The world needs a better mobile mail client
the world needs a lot more cloud computing choices.
The world needs a little more Robot
The World Needs A Better News Filter
I believe that the world needs a recess!
the world needs a hub.

I guess the world needs a lot more to learn...



coyote said...

So, Shorty: couldn't take all the Coyote Love...?

Aggie said...

Stealing Coyote's thunder....

Manny Blue said...

I didn't realize that you were also a poet 4D. So, are we on for Friday?

4th Dwarf said...

Coyote, what are you trying to say?

Aggie, what thunder?

Manny Blue, are you buying?

Manny Blue said...

I am 4D, and I have the same rule as Aggie does when I pay for someone's meal!