Farewell, Freya...

Megan came by last night and took Freya home. Home to Megan's house, I should say, because I think Freya came to think of my abode as home while she was here and I came to think of it that way too.

Freya is an excellent animal companion. If she were here now, she'd be resting on my belly while I type, with her chin resting on my left thumb. Only meowing when I make a typo.

"She's a great cat," said Megan, "but she doesn't give you much to blog about."

"It's true," I agreed. "But when you acquired her, you wouldn't have been thinking of finding a bloggable cat. Not like Zoom picking Duncan because he was the most bloggable cat she could find."

I could have blogged Freya's unconventional gender assignment, but I figure it's her business and if she is comfortable with it, so am I.

I hope Freya comes to stay again. As long as I'm here, she'll be welcome.

Meanwhile it's back to my word cop beat.

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