Word Cop

Or did you mean exacerbated?

* As an adult I believe that the chemical properties of Impramine, while suppressing my ADD, exasperated my propensity towards full-blown TS

* The coarse and vulgar descriptions Mr. Hiaasen utilized exasperated my mild motion sickness to the point where I felt the urge to vomit.

* Her parents exasperated her hunger for the high-life by giving Chantal whatever she wanted; even if it meant they could not afford their basic necessities

* They financed her Military spending sprees and exasperated her severe addiction to oil.

* We have encountered 'problems' as we were both 'newbies'which only exasperated her resistance and reluctance to accept the bit.

* Also since pride was a fundamental part of the Krogen's make up, his race not being able to make decisions autonomously exasperated his offense.

* Teaching fourth grade was already a tiring occupation, and moving to my current home exasperated my situation due to a six-hour round trip commute.

* The direct intervention of Western governments would have further exasperated his humiliation

* My aunt entered noisily, for the cold of the church had exasperated her catarrh, now chronic.

* The scandal of the marriage exasperated his opposition.

* I am CONVINCED that the majority of my extreme health issues have been caused by candida overgrowth which have exagerated and exasperated my ailments

* The death of the Marchioness de Toral, under circumstances so similar, tore open a wound imperfectly skinned over, and so exasperated my affliction,

* I might have personally exasperated my situation by watching a soccer game during the early moments of my sickness


Eternal_Hermit said...

now now, we all know these words are almost identical in nature, so there is no need to exasperate or exacerbate the situation any further :P

Tiana said...

Is this going to be a regular feature? Because I am in love with it.

4th Dwarf said...

Tiana, with sweet talk like that, it just may become a regular feature.

Eternal Hermit, it's interesting that you say "we all know" something that I clearly disagree with.

It doesn't annoy or exasperate me, but it strengthens my opinion that you just don't know what you're talking about.

Woodsy said...

Dwarfie... your pendantism is turning us girls on... oh, dear... did I say that correctly? Will I get reprimanded?