Word Cop: in a rebellious or bold, resistant manner?

Or did you mean "definitely"?

* There was defiantly no Cheez Whiz sauce here

* This is defiantly one of my favorite climbs on this side of the valley

* i am only 14 and yet i defiantly want to join the British Army should i keep my options open? I am an intelligent person but want to join the army....

* But the setting is defiantly very nice. High ceilings and gold detailing defiantly makes you feel like you’re in someplace important. However, our server was defiantly not on her game that night. I mean the service was fine but it was ...

* Patrons were either 20 or 92 there was not much of a happy medium so we were defiantly in the minority.

* Anyway I'm defiantly falling way off topic and will find myself with my book again.

* So far I have high expectations for Angels & Airwaves future albums and if you have yet to listen to either album I would defiantly suggest you give them a listen.

* Mom got Paul and I a vacuum cleaner cause the only carpet we have is the upstairs bedroom and it defiantly needs to be cleaned.

* Its defiantly a wierd feeling. Friday marks 100 days till graduation. And I am defiantly going to the happy hour friday.

* ... that I had made the Dean’s List for the fall semester. I was so excited and I can defiantly say that this had to be a success in my life. My parents were so proud that I had made this accomplishment in my life. I was defiantly happy.

* In short I had a rather fantastic time, he tells me likewise, I don’t mind being friends with benefits, because, call me shallow, they were bloody good befits, it is agreed by both parties I should defiantly come visit again.

* She will defiantly appreciate this. You want to surprise her with little things when you can. Women love this type of thing even it is something as simple as flowers or candy from time to time. You can also give her a back rub at night ...


Aggie said...

Dwarfie, are you trying to woo Tiana again with this Word Cop stuff?

4th Dwarf said...

Aggie, for your information:

(a) I was a word cop before Tiana had anything to say about it.

(b) Tiana is off to Italy and I'm sure she has no time for reading blogs.

(c) She is married to a fellow who may have anger management issues.

(d) Did I mention she is off to Italy? If anyone is trying to seduce her it's those two with the Tuscan apartamento.

(e) On the other hand, I'm intrigued by this business of putting vegetables up her nose.

Andrea SK said...

HAHAHA, defiantly.

That one has been eating at my brain lately. Thank you for exposing it.

RandomPinkness said...

I've corrected my abysmal spelling, it's one of these words I always struggle with.