Word Cop II

Or, did you mean antidote?

*Pot is a good anecdote to the winter blahs, she thought wistfully.

*I've heard that if your kid accidentally drinks anti-freeze, hard liquor is the anecdote of choice.

*They considered their blog an anecdote to the self-referential wanking so prevalent in the mainstream blogging community.

*What's the anecdote to cyanide poisoning?

*Heparin poisoning is given protamine sulfate as the anecdote.


4th Dwarf said...

Interesting choices, Aggie.

I might have given citations to:

* What is the anecdote to the Perfect
Parent Syndrome? Grace and priorities.

* Perhaps the anecdote to these types of predictive mishaps is what Google does -- presumably based, in part, on its research into its own prediction markets -- with its employees: Move them around frequently

* The anecdote to work stress: is an evening with someone who's known you since college and her two young sons.

* Unconditional Love: The Anecdote to Unhealthy Relationships

* FOXERS boxers, as they are called, are also functional, providing an anecdote for exposing our dear rear especially when wearing anything low-rise

Aggie said...

Nice ones, Dwarfie. Foxer boxers, eh?

Tiana said...

Oh I love it!