Warning to a friend

This may be a good time to stay close to Elgin Street, Coyote. It looks like City Councilor Doug Thompson has a contract out on you. Even if the experts don't think you're necessarily to blame. From the CBC:

Ottawa hires trappers to catch pet-eating coyotes

The City of Ottawa has hired trappers to capture coyotes after reports that family pets were being eaten by wild animals in rural outskirts....

But Gary Fischer, one of three trappers hired by the city, said there have been only two confirmed cases of pets being killed by coyotes in the area and he's not convinced coyotes are to blame for the other disappearances.

"I've seen cats taken right out of a field by a hawk," he said Thursday. "There are other wildlife issues here other than just the coyotes." [full story]

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Fox said...

Oh it's the coyotes. No doubt about it.