Urban Pedestrian Still Missing-in-Action

As you know, our meta-contest, runner-up, Urban Pedestrian has disappeared from the blogsphere. I am worried. Of course, over here on the ESI blog, we always think it's ALL ABOUT US. My first thought when Urbie disappeared was that perhaps she was going underground in order to make herself the Muse... We have been looking for a new muse for quite a long time now.
Another possibility is that she found herself a new crowd. I hope she didn't have a bad blog experience -- like someone making a mean and nasty comment that led her to delete her whole blog. Or, maybe she has blogger burnout. I hope she is ok. It would be nice if she would just give us a little sign.


Andrea SK said...

Word on the street is that she went into hiding because her wit and charm were overwhelming her readers. Enough is enough! they said. You're killing us with your wit!

I also heard something about post-grad work that was eating up her time.

A. & J. said...

aww. you all seem very worried about her. I hope she comes back soon.

4th Dwarf said...

We are worried. I sent her an email and no reply. But she deleted her blog. Maybe she's being held hostage and was tortured into revealing her password.