Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I am reliably informed that Reykjavík, Iceland, is the world's northernmost national capital. I am rather less reliably informed that a whole buncha Scandinavian countries (Both Helsinki and Stockholm f'rinstance - and this, people, is the gosh-darn problem with wikis...) appear to claim that distinction for mainland Europe.

Therefore, we in Ottawa are mere pikers. Pissants. Poltroons. Hell, there's still half a continent north of our latitude. Which isn't to say we don't get a little winter once in awhile.

Take today. Media weather types are all a-tizzy. Not sure why. As another blog so recently noted, approximately: "It's Canada. It's winter. Suck it up." Amen.

After last month's string of cranky eco-rants, I promised myself I wouldn't go all David Suzuki on your asses anymore, at least for awhile. But hey. Our federal environment minister? The one that had his face rubbed in it? Severely? By the world in general? In Bali? Last week? He's still doing his gosh-darn twisted-boy-scout best to speed up global warming. Enjoy this great weather while you can.

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