The Elgin Street Irregulars are pleased to announce* the appointment of the Independent Observer as Director of Italian Affairs. The IO and Audrey, ESI Cultural Liaison Officer, have spent the last few months establishing the blog's world headquarters in Florence.

"My goal is to raise awareness of the ESI brand in Italy," the IO said. "Currently the blog gets three or four hits a month from Italian visitors, most of them winding up here by accident, or attracted by one of Aggie's recipes. With some sustained effort, I can help double or even triple those numbers by the year 2011."

Working from the historic San Lorenzo district, the IO has been busily conducting outreach activities at Osteria Pepo's trattoria and the nearby Dublin Pub.

"It is demanding, difficult work," added the IO when finally reached this week. "But make no mistake, demanding and difficult are my middle names."

* Pending approval at the next Emergency Meeting

Photo: Visits to the resting place of Galileo, also handy with a telescope, will prove inspirational to the IO as he assumes his new duties.


Aggie said...

I appreciate the cultural capital you have given to our team, IO. Great work!

coyote said...

So many burning issues for the Board of Directors to deal with:

La via San Lorenzo non regolari...?

Who gets the Air Miles...?

How long 'til you install the full-sized espresso machine?

What do Italian cats taste like...?

Audrey said...

The IO and I have many ideas regarding our exciting new Italian connection. We will be sharing them with you, our readers, in the coming months. Personally, I hope to head out for some field work that will allow me to file reports on such topics as: Italian men (charming and well-dressed!), real estate (location, location, location) and fashion (Max Mara!).