AndrewZRX: Motorcycles, Birth Classes and Roundabouts

This is a guest posting from AndrewZRX:

I recently blew up my motorcycle. I wouldn’t do this every day, but I’d highly recommend you try it at least once.

Wait - how does pre-natal classes at 7:30 am on a fucking Saturday morning sound? With my tongue still pickled, too, from the scotch the night before. Soften that cervix, baby.

No, the motorcycle sounds better. Or it did, anyways, before it blew up. Have you ever seen piston rods blasting out the front-end of a high-revving four-cylinder 1100cc motorcycle engine?

The midwife droned on for three full hours, using stained, filthy props and plastic posters of a graphical nature. The most interesting bit was the bit about the placenta -- or, more precisely, what people do with it afterwards. Some bury it in the garden during the full moon. Incantations are involved. Some people take them home and eat them. Apparently they’re quite tasty with garlic.

Actually, neither have I. (Seen the piston rods etc.). But as it was happening I was worried about grievous bodily harm, if you follow. Luckily all is well. So says my wife at least.

Do Canadians eat their babies’ placentas? I don’t know. But I sure miss Canada. I have a soft spot for those Canadian government screw-ups. Scandals in Canada rarely involve 25 million lost records, or illegal wars, or the shooting of innocents in the back. Canadian screw-ups are generally benign, and I miss them.

I miss the seasons, too, but at least over here I can ride my bike year round. It gets slippy in the roundabouts sometimes, but you can still do it. Roundabouts are a good thing. We should have them in Canada.

Here a few things you should know about roundabouts:

  • If you like, you can go round and round. Just keep going. Beware of dizziness.
  • There can be several lanes in a roundabout. Incorrect use of roundabout lanes can result in permanent disfigurement and embarrassment. Utilize with caution.
  • It’s usually best to figure out where you’re going before you enter the roundabout. Otherwise you may get herded and end up in East Kilbride.
  • Roundabouts can creep on a man. You can prepare yourself for this irritating tendency by driving faster than everyone else. When the roundabout materializes out of the Scottish mist, just claim it as your own.
  • Roundabouts are not the place to be gentle and kind. Be assertive. Exercise your roundabout rights.
  • When you start seeing signs for East Kilbride, you are lost. Do not head for East Kilbride. Circle back and try again.
  • Drive on the left. This can take some time to master. But it’s fairly important. Watch for roundabout combatants coming from the right.
  • Roundabouts are a serious business. Remember this and you’ll do fine.

It seems there are a few things you should know about labour as well. But I can’t seem to remember. She kept heading off on these strange tangents, telling fragmented stories. My mind wandered. Once in awhile my ears would perk up, expecting to finally hear something useful. But then she’d backtrack again, and I’d drone out. I was thinking about a bass riff in a John Scofield song called Over Big Top. The bass gets right in there and opens up doors.

We’re due at the end of January, so I just bought a new motorcycle. It’s black and shiny and pulls wheelies without much effort. Maybe I’ll get a sidecar for the wean. Hopefully I won’t blow this one up too.

AndrewZRX lives in Scotland and bought the opportunity to post here from Zoom in an auction on eBay. If you are wondering what placenta looks like, he offers this link.


Aggie said...

Congratulations, Andrew ZRX! You did it! Well done.
The section on Roundabouts is code for sex, right?

coyote said...

Either that, or relationships in general. Especially the bit about getting herded and ending up in East Kilbride....

Hey, AndrewZRX, you rock! None of us have fragged a bottom end, just for the sake of a post!

Hmmm. Could that have been about sex...?

zoom said...

It's such a cleverly disguised post about sex.

But I have to say I'm surprised Andrewzrx didn't seal the prize in a bottle and cast it into the ocean. Years from now, some fisherman somewhere would have found it and written the guest post. (Or found a way to absolve himself of the responsibility.)

Anyway, good work Andrewzrx! I hope you feel you got your $22.50 worth.

zoom said...

Oh, I forgot to mention - the graphics are fabulous. I even watched the TMI Cam - ugh.

coyote said...

Come to think of it, Zoom none of us has ever before posted a placenta link, either. We, ummm, may never, again. This whole thing, from eBay onward, has been totally groundbreaking!

AndrewZRX said...

I'd like to post again, if you (Irregulars and Regulars alike) will have me. You could take a vote...

I pledge more sex, fewer placentas, and more sex.


Aggie said...

You're on, AndrewZRX! However, before officially saying that, we may need to have an Emergency Meeting.

Anonymous said...

What the

bob said...

Thats one hell of a guest post!!

zoom said...

AndrewZRX wants another go round??

Are you going to charge him another $22.50?

AndrewZrx said...

Zoom, I figure someone should pay *me* £11.23 for the next one. That placenta will only feed us for a few days you know.

By the way, you did donate that $22.50 to charity, right?

zoom said...

Uh oh. Did I say I was going to donate it to charity?? (If so, of *course* I donated it to charity.)

I'll have my little sister send you some recipes from her private collection. (Nobody can stretch a placenta quite like Kerry can.)