Encouraging AndrewZRX

There were 25 responses and the poll is over so I have sent the following message to our friend AndrewZRX:


Hello from me and your friends at the Elgin Street Irregulars Blog.

How are you? I trust you are well and that the reason we haven't heard from you is that your life is full of fun and excitement. If you are under the weather, I hope you are taking your vitamin D to compensate for the lack of sunshine in your day.

I realized we haven't given you much assistance with your blog posting prize so I ran a poll to see what our readers would be most interested in.

You can see the results at this link.

The bottom line: Somebody out there would like to read just about anything you write unless it's about politics.

You'll notice that 10 people would like you to divulge "an embarassing sexual incident" from your recent past, but I would take this with a grain of salt. I know some of those people and there are plenty of sexual incidents they have no desire to hear about.

So far, four people, one of whom would have to be your friend Zoom, say they would like you to write a posting that concisely touches on all the topics in the poll. I say that these people are demanding and greedy and should not be pandered to. Essentially they are asking you, a complete novice, to write the ultimate (or Platonic ideal) blog posting.

Instead, why not tell us about your pet?

Your friend,

p.s. I'll be posting this on the blog and suggesting that readers use the comments to the posting to encourage you, ask questions, or make suggestions.


zoom said...

Hey! Don't be telling people not to pander to me!

coyote said...

I personally have no idea what the Short Guy is on about, ma'am. I believe no less an authority than the World Wildlife Fund says that panders are an endangered species. I therefore think we should encourage any and all pandering.

Ahem. But then I am a dog with a highly questionable record vis-a-vis online polls.

I'm just sayin'...

zoom said...

I just planted a bamboo tree in honour of the endangered panderers.

Is it true what they say about your ears, Coyote?

coyote said...

My fans tell me they're adorable and oh-so-skritchable. What else is there?