The Meta Contest

Hello Readers, following a suggestion from the graceful blogger Zoom, the Elgin Street Irregulars are having a contest.

The Prize:

  1. You get to put a posting on our blog! Your writing will be read by dozens of readers; it might get picked up by OttawaStart; and anyone googling "Elgin Street" in the following week, might just read it!
  2. We'll put a link to your blog in the sidebar! Along with text and images recognizing your accomplishment!
  3. The Chair will put a video in the sidebar as an obscure reference to something on your blog sometime in the next few months so that we all have to keep reading you so we can understand it.
What You Have to Do:
  1. Suggest another contest we can have in the next few weeks in the comments to this post.
  2. Enter by 7:00pm Eastern Daylight Time (Ottawa time) on Thursday, 27 September 2007
  3. Make a suggestion that will be adopted by consensus at an Emergency Meeting of the ESIs, or if consensus cannot be reached, by winning a plurality in a reader poll.


zoom said...

I'm honoured that you appear to have implemented BOTH of my life-injecting suggestions overnight. This is unheard of in any of my other social circles.

I love the contest graphic too. When you ESIs put your mind to something, you really go all out!

Tiana said...

My contest suggestion is to choose a location in the city and people need to determine that place via your excruciatingly obscure clues and photos.

A. & J. said...

Contest suggestion:

Show off hidden gems of Ottawa. Nothing touristy, easily visible and it has to be in the downtown core. Something that only the locals would know about. A real hidden gem.

Ted said...

I think you need to recruit a new regular to save your blog.

Harmony said...

a.& j. I was thinking of hidden gems too. But I know a couple that aren't exactly in the core (though not outside the green belt either!). Could we expand it to include a larger area?

zoom said...

Building on the suggestions already put forth - how about a treasure hunt? You hide something wonderful somewhere in the city and offer a series of daily clues (photographic and/or textual) to its whereabouts.

The Citizen did this decades ago - they hid a gold bar and published daily clues. Lots of us got totally caught up in that contest. I'd be out there looking for the gold every day and I'd run across other people looking for the gold. It was great.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, Zoom.

zoom said...

You could even have a pre-contest contest in which people could enter their suggestions for prizes.