Five life lessons learned in the last week

1) Trying to get insurance companies to cooperate with you is challenging when you are homeless.
2) Getting your cat a root canal or yanking out your cat's tooth costs exactly the same.
3) Getting your cat's tooth yanked out costs more than getting one of your own teeth yanked out.
4) Paying others to clean after you have vacated your place is money well spent.
5) Carrying your old heavy CPU down narrow basement steps with no railing when you are a little bit drunk is a very bad idea.


coyote said...

All crucial things, ma'am. I'll take them to heart.

But I have one small curiousity: why is there a fifth thing on your list....?

Harmony said...

Actually, probably better you were a bit tipsy, Ags. You might have broken some bones if you hadn't been so relaxed...