More than your line is dead

Message left on Chair's answering machine:

Hi, it's Mom…I tried to phone the cable company, but you know what, I think I’m gonna have to get you to do it for me because they keep saying things like "you pressed the wrong button"…I don’t understand what’s going on…and I tried and tried…and all I got was something like a
zombie that was coming on…there was nobody there and they kept saying you have to do this and you have to do that…and I kept trying and I couldn’t get a person on the phone…so I’m going to need your help.


4th Dwarf said...

And today in my email inbox:

Hi Son,

What's the difference between a "blog", a "my space" and a "facebook"?


The Chair said...


A "blog": me just being a wanker
A "myspace": me being a wanker and the wanking music I like along with a lot of other "friends" who are just plain wankers
A "facebook": me and other wankers I hardly know (but are supposedly friends) pretending that this is about finding friends when, in fact,it's about finding your next date after giving up on the recycled profiles from Lavalife

4th Dwarf said...

Maybe I could call Rogers for your mom and you could talk to mine.

p.s. Have fun defining "wanker" to her.

Aggie said...

Just tell her that Facebook is the Devil`s tool.

coyote said...

Oh, yeah. And, like, Blogspot is sooooo not....