I do not floss, therefore I am (in big trouble with my dentist)

I have a dentist's appointment soon. But I have not been flossing nearly enough. And I can't bear to face the tut-tutting and sanctimonious sighs of my dental hygienist.

So which of the following strategies would best encourage me to floss?

a) Tie a piece of dental floss around my finger
b) Take a spool of floss to The Observatory each day and use it during work
c) Surreptiously photograph my dental hygienist, preferably while she's scowling, and paste the photo to my bathroom mirror


Aggie said...

I don't know what to tell you on this one, IO. I saw my Dental Hygienist on Friday and she scolded me for my excessive coffee and red wine consumption. She didn't even get to the flossing issue.

4th Dwarf said...

If you're going to surriptishously photograph your dental hygienist, why not go whole hog and catch her doing something that is as bad as not flossing:

- cycling without a helmet;
- smoking in front of children;
- talking on a cell phone while driving;
- swimming at Mooney's Bay; or
- eating a transfat.

Bring your photos to your dental appointment. Display when needed.