Emergency Meeting: Saturday 19 May

Venue: Not The Usual Spot By a Long Shot
Emergency: Earthshaking
Meeting Called By: 4th Dwarf
Present And On Time: The Independent Observer, Aggie, Coyote
Late And Breathless: 4th Dwarf
Ugly Rumbles About Convenor Tardiness:
The Independent Observer, Aggie, Coyote
Absent: Conch Shell, The Chair
Minutes by: Coyote

4D: (Redacted)!

Aggie: (Redacted)!?

Coyote: (Redacted)

Independent Observer: (Redacted)

4D: (Redacted)

Coyote: "Dwarf, sarcasm is so uncharacteristic of you..."


Conch Shell said...


The Chair said...

Now that's what I call good sarcasm, Conchie.