Emergency Meeting: Friday, May 4th

Called by: The Chair
Venue: Not the Usual Spot
Present: The Chair, 4th Dwarf

Absent with or without the usual lame-o excuse: Eigga, Coyote, Conch Shell, The Independent Observer
Guest: The Amazon
Food: Wings, Chicken Sandwich
Beverages: Beer, Coke

Major Topics: Conch Shell Blogs !?!, Audrey Blogs !, Coyote’s word count


The Chair called the meeting to order at 17:32.

A point-of-order came from the floor. Transcript follows.

4thDwarf: Mr. Chair. I believe we may not have quorum.

Chair: I will take the roll call. Thank you. All those present say aye.

4thDwarf: Aye

Chair: Aye

(Crickets chirping)

The Chair agreed that there was no quorum and promptly adjourned the meeting.

The Amazon arrived at around 18:00 and all three moved to a mid-year status report on who has improved the most in the last year among the three.

(4th Dwarf to follow with a summary report)

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