Of lists and trysts

Metasexual or not, Audrey says blogs need more lists. So she took to the keyboard and tapped out one of her own to spice up the ESI site:

My favourite things besides sex

1 old houses
2 champagne
3 dancing at the Marina Beach Club in Benalmadena, Spain
4 my friends - The IO, Fourth Dwarf, The Chair, The Research Director, Conch Shell, Aggie/Eigga, Coyote,
5 books and magazines
6 sunshine
7 sparkly skirts
8 the colour pink
9 Jamaica
10 The Sunday Times
11 my little Canon camera
12 chocolate
13 kissing
14 activities leading up to sex which aren't sex
15 men who read
16 Chris Chelios
17 The Strokes
18 Rome
19 taking baths
20 roses


bob said...

I like your list. Because i'm living in blogslacknation, i'm just going to add a few of my own here to your list genre.

Bobs favorite things besides sex
1) Adding -nation, -natious, -orb to the ends of words and saying them out loud or typing them.
2) Eating pasta.
3) Cooking pasta.
4) Thinking about pasta.
5) Reading books about pasta.
6) Running in the spring.

That is all, thanks for this opportunity.

Pandora said...

taking baths
taking baths
taking baths
drinking lots of gin
HUGE sunglasses

Anonymous said...

Someone sure likes their bathtub gin.