No cat, no cradle.


The Independent Observer said...

Excerpt from a fine obit in the New York Times today by Dinitia Smith:

"Mr. Vonnegut eschewed traditional structure and punctuation. His books were a mixture of fiction and autobiography, prone to one-sentence paragraphs, exclamation points and italics. Graham Greene called him 'one of the most able of living American writers.' Some critics said he had invented a new literary type, infusing the science-fiction form with humor and moral relevance and elevating it to serious literature.

He was also accused of repeating himself, of recycling themes and characters. Some readers found his work incoherent. His harshest critics called him no more than a comic book philosopher, a purveyor of empty aphorisms.

With his curly hair askew, deep pouches under his eyes and rumpled clothes, he often looked like an out-of-work philosophy professor, typically chain smoking, his conversation punctuated with coughs and wheezes."

He would have made a great ESI.

4th Dwarf said...

Of course he'd have made a great ESI. But his membership would have raised the bar so high, I'd have been kicked out for sure.