Monday: Eigga's Day to Blog

It was 4th Dwarf's idea that we would each blog one day of the week. However, he has gone and usurped my day with his dating issues. I met Coyote for coffee this afternoon and when I complained about this, he said, "Maybe he blogged just after midnight." That is still usurping my day, is it not?
Coyote and I had a lovely coffee and did some wonderful people/canine-watching. We saw:
-- a woman who looked straight out of an Ingmar Bergman film. The depression. The bun in her hair. Etc...
-- a very chic looking woman picking up the shit of her weiner dog.
-- a little girl in pink coat and pink rubber boots on her scooter in the rain.
-- a beautiful coyote-looking mutt who looked like he could be Coyote's cousin.

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4th Dwarf said...

All this whining about attribution and timing of posts makes me wonder what the point was in giving all the ESIs admin access.