Gimme an "E" .... "S" ... "I" ...

Coyote, the Research Director and I saw the Ottawa 67's implode the other night in a stunning loss to the Belleville Bulls. The hometown boys succumbed despite the best efforts of the enthusiastic 67's Ice Girls.

And it got me thinking: wouldn't it be totally inspiring to have my own personal squad of cheerleaders to follow me around and kick in whenever I need a little boost?

For example, I really don't enjoy flossing my teeth. But with those pom poms rustling and chipper voices ringing out (The IO's flossin' / Who's he bossin'? / Cavities! Cavities!) I could floss all morning long.

Or maybe I don't want to write that life-sucking memo my bosses need before lunch. But a peppy little cheer would put me over the top (The IO's at the keyboard / Typin' out words / Sendin' off a memo / To the pencil-necked nerds!)

I think this idea will catch on. Because the holidays may be long over. But we still need some good cheer.


coyote said...

He's our guy!
Writes those postings
Dry and wry!

The Chair said...

I'm a little concerned about what exactly the Ottawa 67's are promoting when it comes to these so-called Ice Girls that Mr. IO referenced. From the link, I quote:

The Ice Girls are available for schools, charitable, community, corporate and private events. Here's what you need to know and do

* A minimum of 2 girls must be requested for your event
* A minimum of 6 girls must be requested if you wish to have them perform at your event


* Charitable/community functions No charge. Many civic organizations do offer honorariums to the Ice Girls, which is appreciated.
* Corporate/private functions A charge of $25 per girl, per hour (minimum of 1 hour). A cheque in the amount owing payable to the "Ottawa 67's Ice Girls" should be given to a dancer on the date of the event

My first question is how many creepy private functions does this enterprise attract. Second, do they send Kilrea to collect when someone bounces a cheque.

Aggie said...

In other words, this ice girl gig could be the slipperly slope leading to prostitution, drugs, and all kinds of bad things.
Interesting that they refer to them as "dancers". Perhaps we need to investigate this whole Ice Girl organization. I would like to volunteer as an undercover operative.

4th Dwarf said...

Dame Agatha! Brilliant idea.

You can count on me as backup. We'll give you a hidden microphone and a code phrase you wouldn't normally say.

When I hear you say "Yep, we've got to deal with the Booty Drop Piece", I'll come busting in.

Maybe we can get jobs at the Pine Forest Cheerleading Camp.