Finding a New Muse

It's clear that I'm not cutting it as the Stand-in Muse. I've done what I could, but clearly it's not working out. The Intimacy Challenge was a failure. My content lately has been as dull as dishwater. The pressure of being the stand-in muse has really been too much for me.
It seems the likelihood of the 5th Muse's return is slim to none.
I have a few suggestions of people and ideas for the new Muse position:
1) Conch Shell: Many have complained that she hasn't pulled her weight on this metablog. Maybe she has been waiting for the moment to be asked to be the New Muse.
2) Megan: This lovely young woman knows how to get intimate -- if intimacy is what you want.
3) Heather Armstrong: She's famous, so maybe we'd become famous by association.
4) A male blogger: Maybe our focus on finding a female muse has blinded us to some of the Ottawa, postmodern boy bloggers out there who are working through relationship issues, intimacy, and life's struggles.


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zoom! said...

Aggie, I love your blog. Even if you stop being the Stand-In Muse, I hope you will keep on bloggin'.

Aggie said...

Oh, Zoom. How did you know that that was what I was fishing for?

zoom! said...

Just a hunch Aggie,just a hunch. ;)