The Latest Numbers

Earnings for the Bank of Montreal (BMO:TSX) in 2006: $2.66 billion

Total compensation package paid in 2006 to its CEO, Tony Comper: $10 million

Number of employees that need to be laid-off because BMO says it didn't earn enough: 1,000

Number of words in a BMO press release explaining why they need to earn more money by laying off 1000 employees: 533

Number of words used in the same press release cautioning its shareholders that BMO may not neccessarily know what it is doing in order to avoid any litigation: 646


Harmony said...

The solution for these laid-off workers is simple: take the severance and invest it back into the banks. That way, although you don't have a job anymore, at least you're sharing in your former employer's obscene profits.

Anonymous said...

Soon they will start laying off bank machines.