Christmas shopping strategy

My Christmas shopping strategy is simple: get everyone the same thing. Do not enter more than one store, or even one on-line shop.
This year is the year of monster mittens shown above. Last year, I entered one bookstore and got everyone books. The little ones informed me that books are boring. So, this year the little illiterate bastards will get monster mittens.


Harmony said...

Aggie, Aggie, Aggie.

Oh, Aggie, Aggie, Aggie.

I can't think of anything else to say.

4th Dwarf said...

I can think of something else to say:

Aggie always gets it right!

Y're a genius my dear!

And I say that even if I'm not on your Christmas list.

4th Dwarf said...

And I've thought of another thing to say:

I'd have thought the "Independent Canadian Tire Observer" would have had some thoughts on items that would make suitable gifts for everyone on our gift-giving lists.