Conch Shell greets her fellow ESI's, and issues message

Ah, you guys. Thanks for making the Conchie Returns video for me, although aren't you giving your identities away? Yes, it's been a long dry season. But slamming organic food was just too much.
Especially when I know what all those toxins are doing to my fellow marine creatures. You know, all that run off of chemicals goes somewhere. But, on a related note, I have a public message for my fellow bloggers. Not organic, or recycling. No, sustainable seafood. If you care about the future of Conch Shell's essential habitat, maybe you could follow ethical seafood eating guidelines. In short: say no to food produced from bottom dragging the ocean floor (and other horrendous things). Say yes to fish taken in a sustainable fashion: Do a Seafood Search Or print off your handy little guide.
Anyways, that's my one "Save me! Save me!" message of the year.
On a side note, I knew Aggie wouldn't give up juicy details about herself. She hasn't yet even taken off her bandages.


4th Dwarf said...

I was really looking forward to a salmon wrap before the emergency meeting. Now I'll have to ensure that it's wild and not farmed.

Agatha said...

Welcome back, Conchie. We love you.

4th Dwarf said...

Yes, she's back; yes, we love her, but where are those minutes?

Meanwhile, Aggie may not be the most exciting muse we've had, but those who say her addiction is lame might want to consider that in fact it's a growing curse!

Consider this:

"More than one in eight adults in the US show signs of being addicted to the internet, a study has shown." [BBC]


"Nielsen to start rating video games" [C|Net]

coyote said...

Yea, verily, Short Guy. Excuse the use of, um, language. I was researching how we might deal with this insidious threat and accidentally got sidetracked into the Far Right. All of us -- particularly obsessive-compulsive bloggers -- definitely must rear up against the growing satanic internet menace and its assault on fambly values. Perhaps we should follow the sterling (and logically, uh, consistent) example, not so much suggested as ordered by fiat, on this blog at the Restored Church of God which suggests that good l'il church goers should -- hmmmmmmm? -- leave blogging strictly to their wisers and betters at the church, rather than blogging their own obviously faulty and uninformed opinions. Given how substandard the logic seems, I gotta wonder what this joint was like before they restored it? But dog forbid I should ask... Amen and good night.