Alternatives to Muses?

Although Aggie has been trying to make up for 5M's lack of edge, the sad fact is that her life lacks drama that she is willing to detail and she's not mean enough to name initials. With this in mind, I thought I would do a targetted search for women who identify themselves as being perhaps not so nice.

Unfortunately, as you will see by my comments, while some come close to being metabloggable, I failed to find a perfect replacement muse.

AngryBlackBitch: Comments on all the American stories that everyone else is commenting on, with the occasional pointed rant you don't get everywhere, and enough references to vodka and cranberry to you'd think she had a thing for our friend the Chair.

Bitch Ph.D.: A leftist, feminist American academic who invites comments and discussions and seems to get them.

Claiming my Inner Bitch: This self-described progressive, born-again Christian has an amusing adult content warning, but spends more time battling depression and complaining about things than talking about sex.

coldbitch.blogspot.com: A 20-year-old in Singapore who doesn't know how to use periods or the shift key. Calls her boyfriend "mi dearest", gets struck with jealousy, and blames herself for it. Not bitchy.

coldheartedbitch.blogspot.com: Dead blog. Depressed 18-year-old who thought swearing made her a bitch.

coldheartedbitch.com: Porn site. And not a good one.

The Company Bitch: A highly readable blog by a young woman in NYC. I especially like her nicknames, for example: "Re-boyfriend". [If she lived closer to Ottawa, I'd metablog her.]

Confessions of a Horny Bitch : A sex loving and monogamous young woman who gets really worked up by uninformed negative comments on her blog.

Heartless Bitch for sale at Heartless Bitches International

Heartless Bitches International: A club for Heartless Bitches, where those whose applications contain grammar and spelling mistakes are mocked, "nice" guys are pilloried, and you can buy Heartless Bitch merchandise. Definite bitchiness here, but the head heartless bitch just spent over $900 to save her cat's life, on the other hand, she didn't seem to care about the third world people she could have saved with that money.

humorless bitch: Rants on Mac software and U.S. politics that assume you know the context.

innerbitch.com: Under construction

innerbitch.net: Two computer gals who like blogging, sci-fi, and the seafaring novels of Patrick O'Brian. They'd be perfect for the Dwarf, but the one with a cat is married, and the other has a dog. The bitchiness is so "inner" it's invisible.

innerbitch.blogspot.com: A dead blog with a single posting from a woman with poor writing, typing and spelling skills.

kinky bitch: It looks like this young woman who enjoys pleasuring herself and thinking about sex with men is more interested in finding love now.

outlaw bitch: A fellow Canadian who goes apple-picking and coos over baby cows. An outlaw? A bitch? Maybe not.


Agatha said...

OK, 4D. So, I'm not a good enough muse for you, is that what you're saying? That's it, I'm calling an Emergency meeting.

4th Dwarf said...

I'll see you at the meeting, Aggie.

And I'll try not to bump the table. We wouldn't want you to lose any of your Bombay and tonic.

Vanessa said...

(I'm the one with the cat)

Sorry it took me this long to find this, but c'est la internet.

I think you're right that we don't do much in the way of being bitchy on the blog. I have in my offline life been called a bitch a few too many times, but I appear to be very nice (though a little vapid) as a blogger. Christina, in our offline life, is the Nice One; I am trying to teach her to be a little meaner and to get in touch with her Inner Bitch.

4th Dwarf said...

Vanessa! Thanks for stopping by.

And as a thank you:

Check out Sun of Suns by Carl Schroeder.

Two Words: Space Pirates!