Plutonic relations

Pity poor Pluto. For more than 75 years it held the enviable status of ninth planet from the sun. Then the International Astronomical Union comes along and demotes Pluto to dwarf planet (no offence, Dwarfie). And the space scientists compound the humiliation by assigning the once-proud sphere the nondescript identifier 134340.

It must be unsettling to go through life thinking you are one thing, then waking up to find you have been pigeonholed by others as something else entirely.

We may not be able to guide our personal fates, but we can sure try. So when the Muse picks herself up, dusts herself off and makes a new go of it, that is to be applauded. In crafting a life with R she has surrendered a measure of control over her destiny. But she has embarked on a journey in the hope of something better. And no one can take that away.


coyote said...

Good points, IO. She sounds far more optimistic than she did 18 months ago, and that's nothing but good.

I've said, though, that I am an empirical coyote. I mislike the highly anecdotal smell of her recent, "everything is part of the glorious grand plan" theme.

And I think you've just backed me up: Pluto was a planet last week, and this week it's a lousy rock with a UPC barcode. Is that random, or what?

4th Dwarf said...

I hate gettin' embrogled into these religious debates.

We've got Musie with her cyclic patterns of life and everything happens for a reason on one side and on the other there's Coyote maintaining that sometimes stuff just happens.

Now here's the IO anthropomorphizing good old Pluto and taking us a step closer to astrology and that debate.

From the cold surface of Pluto, the sun looks like a bright star. The light of the sun takes between four and 6.7 hours to get there, depending on where in Pluto's 247 year long "year" it is.

If Pluto has feelings, I don't think it cares whether we call it a planet, a planetoid, or even late to dinner.

coyote said...

Well, if we're going to get into religious debates, I wonder what the hell happened that Sixth Apostle? Not that I wish him back or anything. Guy plays a six-string guitar with only five strings on it. Theologically suspect, in my books.

4th Dwarf said...

(a) if we're going to get into religious debates? Twas the doggy on the blog who made the first argument.

(b) That 5-string guitar was a banjo.

coyote said...

(a) Calling existentialism a religion is gonna get ya into sooo much trouble with that socially-conservative-agenda bunch.

(b) Like hell. It was a Fender Telecaster, open-tuned to somethin' goofy...