Restaurants You Won't Find Me In

Sure, people like Bob can tell you what restaurants you can go to for good food. [Like this] Today, I'm here to tell you what restaurants to not go to. Or at least, the restaurants that the Fourth Dwarf won't go to.

Vineyards Wine Bar and Bistro, 54 York Street (In the Cellar).
They have half-decent food, I even like the steak and fries. But the waiters won't bring you wine. They make you go to the bar for it. Why? I don't know and I don't care! When I'm out for supper in a restaurant, I want people to bring me both my food and my beverage. Sure, when you're at a party it can be convenient to say, "excuse me, I'm going to go freshen my glass," but when you're out trying your moves, you want the wine to flow!

Marché Lino, Rideau Centre (Ottawa's Mov'n'Pick)
I don't mind eating at a food court or in a cafeteria sometimes. But I don't want to have to line up at three different stations to get my meal and then arrive at the table to find my dinner companion has finished eating. This alone is enough for me, even without the 15% "service" charge they add to the bill for clearing dishes from your table and standing behind the counters you line up at.

Dunns Famous Deli, 220 Elgin St
A few years ago, the owner had tax trouble in the same week he had workers from his Kingston location picketing outside the restaurant for not paying their back wages. Apparently he paid everybody what he owes, but even before this, the Dwarf had a breakfast with some friends that didn't go well. When I asked for water, the waiter told us, "it'll be a while." It was. We never got it. The place was busy, the staff was frantic. There was this guy bossing people around and trying to squeeze in more customers. I snapped. The boss guy didn't take it well.

Some seafood place in Centretown
I'm not sure which one it is, but I hear through the grapevine that a certain ex is working at a seafood restaurant. You'll be safe going there as long as it's not with me. If you are with me, you could wind up getting splashed with clam chowder when it gets dumped on my head.


coyote said...

I smell a whole new meaning to the phrase, 'clamming up'...

Agatha said...

I'd like to add another one: the Clocktower in the Glebe. I know it is a very hip spot because that's where Spins and Needles happens. I encountered seriously bad energy from a couple of the platinum waitresses there. I don't enjoy choking on Queensway exhaust out on their terrasse. And, some of their appetizers have made me ill.
Other places: Crabdaddies - Crab shack -- or whatever the name of that place is -- can be an interesting/terrifying study of people not aging gracefully.
All of those restaurants at Dow's Lake It seems like such a lovely spot out there on the water, but I've never been happy there. The food is terrible and I can never see the water where I'm seated.
I'm looking for a decent terrasse/patio in Ottawa or the Ottawa region. Please direct me on this. I have yet to find one.

bob said...

Nice reviews Dwarf! If the seafood place you mention is whalesbone, its actually pretty good, although too hip for my own good - i'll be sure not to mention your name the next time i'm there. And Aggy, while i agree i don't like the exhast, tuesday night i ate at the clocktower for 25 bux, and 25 bux is dang low for me! That included a salad, lots of wings, and a few pints. But tuesday is their cheap nite. Their food is certainly better than recent day fox n feather, that used to have decent food but has since been going down o, so down... they've got a kick as "terrace" and good beer to boot, but the food just doesn't match up making it exceptional.

O, and big daddy's? I adore big daddys, only because i adore seafood. Its nothing exceptional and quite overpriced - i go for the food, 4 pm on a saturday is best. And their ceasars, very tasty, come with pickled green bean... mmmm, i kinda want one right now.

evolver said...

I wish I could say I had ethical restaurant standards such as this to keep me out of Dunn's. Alas, I am too fond of smoked meat, and am unable to walk by any deli at lunch time and not eat there.

Thanks heavens for Nate's!

Agatha said...

Hello Evolver. Nice to see you again.
OK, I have another restaurant I would like to avoid - The Arrow and the Loon. I went there with a lovely couple who refuse to ever surrender their darling toddler to a babysitter. The food took FOREVER to arrive. The toddler was angry, and so was I. We sat in a kind of fake patio - inside Fifth Avenue Court - a place where people let their children run around wildly. One of the little darlings dialed 911 which resulted in a rather longwinded police lecture to group of toddlers, kids and parents about how calling 911 when you don't need to call 911 is a crime. The food left me feeling ill. And they serve Magner's Cider instead of Strongbow and it is terrible stuff.

4th Dwarf said...

Now, Aggie, so sorry to hear that you had "bad energy" at the Clocktower and got cranky at the Arrow and the Loon, but we all know that you'll be going back to both of those places.

This posting is not about places that have given me bad experiences and that I'd suggest going elsewhere. These are places I will not go to.

And let's be clear: I often order a burger or fries at a place where the Chair saw a rat.

But you have reminded me of the other place in Ottawa, I won't eat: InFusion. It's unfortunate for the owners because it's not their fault. I was so heartbroken by the abrupt closing of Vittoria's that I refuse to eat in the restaurant that took it's place.