Missing Our Muse

I am missing the 5M. I'm not saying she should come back. I support her in her new private life with R, and send her my best wishes. And, I am pleased that perhaps the ESIs -in some small way - played a part in getting her married off (ie. some ESIs suggesting she go on lavalife).

We must, however, move on to new blogs. We are, after all, metabloggers. There is much much work to be done. The problem is that in my cursory search for an interesting Ottawa blog, I have come up dry. I have identified several blog categories: hockey blogs (yawn!), hoser blogs, hoser/hockey blogs, smug married blogs, photo blogs, wanker blogs (but all bloggers are wankers...), knitter blogs (they are sweet, but how many pairs of socks can one look at...), self-absorbed/ignorant youth blogs (wankers in training). I'm sure there are plenty more, but this is what I've come up with so far.

In my quick search, I did see an interesting comment in the smug married category that suggests that bloggers are afraid to write what is REALLY going on in their lives: "...coming here and blogging all PollyAnna about how wonderful the children are and how great it is that the tulips are starting to poke up is just not me." (www.xerxia.blogspot.com). She says this, but - like most of us - is afraid to really put it all out there. Which is why we miss the Muse. She was brave enough to put it all out there.


4th Dwarf said...

Ahh, yes, as Ms Xerxia puts it: that elusive balance between discretion and disclosure.

It's much more fun for metabloggers when the discretion side of the scale has less weight on it.

coyote said...

Waddaya mean? We are the very souls of discretion!

4th Dwarf said...

Wadda I mean?

It's more fun for metabloggers when bloggers are less than discreet.

As for how discreet we are, using poetic phrases and strings of fancy words to obscure your meaning isn't the same as discretion, Coyote. If y' catch the direction of my exhaust trail.

coyote said...

Poetic phrases and fancy words to obscure my meaning? Your exhaust trail, as usual, draws mightily from the hot gas end of the periodic table, my short literal friend. What I read 'discretion' to mean, to metabloggers such as ourselves, is that if you post something on the net, it stays on the net. With us. Discretely. We'd never spread it any further than that...