Back from the Beard-Off

Hi, everyone, I'm back from Germany. I didn't do well at the International Championship, but I picked up some tips for New York in two weeks.

Tip #1: You might think it's trite and derivative but the judges and the crowds love an architectural design.


Tip #2: Wear a tie that complements your design


The main thing for me now is to get ready for the World Championship in 2007.

[p.s. Let's not get into the politics and bad blood between the World Championship and the International Championship. I want to go back to the good old days when it was only about the beards.]

[p.p.s Even though I didn't make it to the podium, a big thanks to the Research Department for the help with the great nebula in Orion design. It's not your fault the judges had no appreciation for astronomy.]


coyote said...

Huh. Fuzzy facial debris! And speakin' of debris, Short Guy, I can only say that, considerin' the way you skippered certain leaky floaty toys of my erstwhile and unlamented acquaintance, it soooooo figures that that ya'd choose May Day to post....

The Independent Observer said...

Are there age restrictions for the World Championships? Because I'm aware of some fierce young competitors who would fare well in such a contest. In fact, Fourth Dwarf, according to legend you might count several of them among your friends.

4th Dwarf said...

IO, you raise an interesting point, I'll have to bring this age issue up with the board. It doesn't seem fair to leave the little tykes out, yet we can't expect them to compete with those of us who've been growing our beards for decades.

I can already see that your new full-fledged membership status with us will be a strong addition.

As for you, Coyote, I am immune to your off-topic slurs.

To those of you we haven't heard from, I have to say I'm disappointed. I understand the Chair is "busy" barking up some lounger or something. But I'd really hoped to hear the female perspective on facial or body hair.

I understand that the ladies are doing new things with wax these days.

Agatha said...

I'm planning to take the tweezers to my chin once the bandages come off on June 30th. Who knows what is lurking under there! As for the "body hair" discussion, perhaps we should ask the (C)hair what his opinion is on the topic.

Conch Shell said...

hahahaha, Chair hair. You're so funny Agatha. hahahaha.

coyote said...

Gee, Conch... I would've thought that'd be "ha(ir)ha(ir)ha(ir)ha(ir)"...