Haircuts and heartbreaks

F--- you, M! And F--- you, too, and your red hair, Y!!!
I commend the 5M for chopping off her hair in protest. F--- you, M! And F--- you, too, and your red hair, Y!!! The great thing about hair is that it grows back. It's not like lopping off an ear.

A haircut is a great way to mark a personal change. I remember shearing my tresses when I was a heartbroken young lass. Someone commented, "You've changed your hair." My response was, "No I've changed."

But these days I don't need a heartbreak to go for the transformational haircut. I give my hair stylist free reign over my locks. Recently, I've come out looking like Rod Stewart, but that's ok.


4th Dwarf said...

Least ye don't sound like that wailin' banshee!

And ye must have gone back fer another haircut since I last saw ye' Aggie.

coyote said...

I would not say that haircuts are invariably a successful strategy. If I were to try it, for instance, there'd be unfortunate questions about mutant poodles or chihuahuazilla sightings, or something...

6th Apostle said...

I remember a situation where I was courting a fair maiden who was being a little too aloof in responding to my overtures. I mentioned I was going to cut my hair and she said "not too short, I hope". I practically got it shaved. I can still picture her wide eyes when she saw me and asked if I "was happy with that". It definitely got a reaction, and I did get the maiden in the end.