Who is Watching the Watchers?

A clutch of picky 50-somethings? Say, Metabloggers, remember earlier in the summer when we'd go a week between 5M postings, so we'd riff on aluminum foil hats and translating things into unreadable dialects?

The Wee She-Demon is keeping us busy now. Where to start?

The Martini Bar
Were we the litter of kittens at the martini bar? 20-somethings? I'm afraid Conchie made me promise that I'd not get into a 20-questions game with the 5M.

It can't feel good to always be wondering if that person over there is an ESI or that gang over there is alll of us. On the other hand, before we revealed ourselves, there were already 150 or more people reading 5M's blog every day. Some of them must be visiting places she's known to frequent and have a good idea of what she looks like.

The True Eventual Story of the (l)ower (c)ase (p)oet
An excellent opening. Lots of drama with the fiance bit.

More Misconceptions

1. Latest A = Original P, ≠ Icy-Eyed Runner P, excellent. But it never bothered me anyway.

2. I wonder why 5M would think the Chair thought she was creepy. I have trouble remembering his formula for older women and younger men. Oh yes, 0.75 times her age plus 3. Has the 5M been in a relationship with a 26-year-old? That would make the relationship creepy to the Chair. For me, as long as the woman is hot, I don't think it's creepy. But let's not have this discussion here. The Chair has a perfectly good place for it. It's too bad the Chair is off getting re-caned or we could ask him. I'm pretty sure he's never thought 5M is creepy. He'd have mentioned it to me if he did.

3. We really like Bob and Minty, but I think we've seen some evidence that not all 5M's readers would meet her criteria for good and decent.

4. We missed a reference!! You see this is what happens when there are multiple postings and people are taking trips to the Vatican and the Riviera! (Research Department, can you get to the bottom of this?)

5. The line about Abhoria advising us to be more self-revelatory in the interests of a richer narrative made me laugh. Score another one for the wee she-demon.

The New Blogger Button
Have you noticed our blog and 5M's blog has a new button at the top "Flag". Is it a coincidence that I didn't notice it before she gave us the "I love my cunt" quote?

And More
News of Maggie the Giant Cat and pictures. Including an image of her! Honestly, Aggie can't get back to soon to please me. I'd even be glad to see Siren.


coyote said...

I didn't like that "richer narrative" demand much when Abhoria made it of her, in the first place. I love it when events allow me to be logically consistent...

Conch Shell said...

Besides, you give lots of narrative about yourself Coyote: sleeping, eating, hunting, drooling over kitties.
A quick search suggests to me that all blogs now have flags.
Ya, I wouldn't like that feeling of thinking that the unknown ESI's were lurking. But we don't do that type of thing. I think our ethics committee is against it.

4th Dwarf said...

Conchie, you "think" our ethics committee is against this type of thing? Aren't you the committee's chair?

4th Dwarf said...

By the way, the Chair's Blog doesn't have the flag.

Conch Shell said...

Well, as you know, laws are subject to change through good arguments, and I'm not a dictator, only a facilitator for the greater will, albeit with a slight liberal bias. Currently, the greater will is strongly against such behaviour. That would be creepy.
Now, onto more interesting matters, 5M seems to be attempting a happy glow, judging by her up looking, sunny, rosy cheeked South Park disposition.
I find I'm interested in the lcp/B/5M story . . .

The Independent Observer said...

A peek at the Vatican Cam reveals our associate the 6A enjoying his sojourn in the Holy See. When Benny's away the apostles will indeed play.

coyote said...

Conch, you're right. The greater will is very much against lurking behaviour. I think it's polite & necessary to confirm that, so that she doesn't feel she needs to cast a fishy eye on every dubious group she sees in a martini joint. Or anyplace else, for that matter.

As for the tale of the lcp, good intro. He certainly displays consistent traits from place to place, no? And as rude -- er, direct -- as his question was, it was relatively mild, considering some of the social holes he's dug for himself.

Finally, I wonder how her poll will turn out? It seems flawed to me. Those adjectives for each decade are kinda exclusionary. What about the picky 20-somethings? And precocious 50-year-olds? Separatint the poll questions for estimated ages, and characteristics, might get her a truer picture.

Corrie said...

Ok, I'm back! And really, REALLY pleased that dwarfie would be even glad to hear from ME, of all mythological creatures! I feel mighty blessed, at this juncture.

Mr. D., when are you next holding a soiree? We can talk more then...or not, as the case may be.

As you may all well imagine, I'm a bit overwhelmed with the plenitude of reading material spread out over various Internet sites these days. When, or if, I catch up, I'll be able to comment appropriately. Until then, I just want to say "so very glad to be back swimming in these waters, and 5m, don't you worry about us hanging about in the background of your favorite bar, watching you. We're so shy, I think some of us barely exist in real life...if at all.

coyote said...

Siren, welcome, once again. And you're back just in time. Some idiot left the keys to this blog's control room lying about loose, and a very short pirate with a Napoleon complex has locked himself in there, cackling manically. That's manical, not manacle, Dwarf...

Now, apparently, we need not not only fear jumping the shark, but walking the plank, too.