Good Old Minty

Fresh PeppermintYou have to like that Minty. She fosters kittens. She makes useful and attractive things from fabric. She plays the bass viol. She has coffee with our muse when 5M is miserable.

She may not be perfect. Our field operatives have reported that she's not exactly generous with her expensive quilting thread, but I think she's shy. She may be a public figure with her blog, but she's a private person. Unlike 5M, she reveals very little of her personal life.

Lately I'm concerned about her. There are hints that she's been in a slump:

  • She didn't do a "music Monday" post either this week or last.
  • "A bit of a sick day" last Wednesday.
  • A list of things that "brighten her day" on Tuesday that makes you feel she's reviewing the list because she needs to relieve some darkness.
  • Her Monday post was titled "and i don’t really know what i’m doing this for".
  • She's been going through old letters, selling a quilt she loves, listening to Ella Fitzgerald.

I hope she's also got someone to have a coffee with.


Agatha said...

4D, are you suggesting that we should be shifting our attentions to Minty? Very astute of you to pick up on the subtle downward slide of her mood of late.
Interesting how the Dude just happens to show up... Let's see what this guy does.

6th Apostle said...

You raise a good point, Dwarfie. Overall, I think Minty is doing okay. I don't think she risks getting into the big funks that 5M seems to get into. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how supportive 5M can be for Minty in supporting her down days. It'd be nice if it could be mutual but I sense it may be a bit one-sided in this case.

5M made an interesting observation the other day about how she finds it difficult to meet other women. Generally, she gets along better with men. Again, I think 5M needs to explore this difference and perhaps learn something about herself.

4th Dwarf said...

Say, Nate, it's time for a new photo.

coyote said...

Here's my thought, and I'm gonna over-use single quotes to beat you about the ears with the subtext: the Dude 'just shows up'. Our Muse's postings betray a fascination with him -- kinda dismissing the thought, but kinda returning to it, like a kid repeatedly striking matches. She keeps it up, eventually she's gonna fire up something by 'accident'.

The Dude, having 'been around the block' in spades, has the expertise to know that his is a waiting game. He merely has to hit strategically, when her emotional strength is most fragile, to snaffle the recreational lolling & fubbing he apparently so ardently desires.

Where I come from, he'd be the poised rattlesnake, & she'd be the transfixed gopher unable to tear her eyes away.

'Trusssssssssst me..........'

The Independent Observer said...

All I know is the Dude Cam is starting to freak me out.

4th Dwarf said...

I complain about the fire wall here at the salt mine, but at least it blocks the Dude Cam photo.

On another topic, it's too bad the Chair no longer posts here. I have a hunch he'd have plenty to say about creeps and Meech Lake dates.