Weekend crisis report

The 5M is on fire right now with two postings daily. Fortunately, the team will be reassembled tomorrow to respond to this crisis. Coyote has been working overtime. I'm sure that 4D would have cancelled his pirate event had he known this was going to be a crisis weekend for the 5M.
As that slimebag, Aporia, points out, there are a few pieces missing in the narrative. However, here are the highlights of the crisis weekend:

1) She and M are "on the outs". Quelle surprise!
2) M told his ex-girlfriend, Cece, to call the 5M -- to console her? What a thoughtful idea...
3) The 5M is dating again -- on lavalife? Should we send one of the CRTF agents in to look for a profile?
4) The 16-year old Bridgehead kid told her she was on the way to cougar territory. Not a helpful thing to say to the 5M right now.


coyote said...

Thanks, Ag, for covering my furry butt, and for a cogent summation. Been a weekend of insults to our wounded muse's feelings, and -- yarghhh! -- events are reeling by too fast for those of us without a programme...

Re: Cece -- I can see a sorta-contrite M siccing her on the Muse in a misguided attempt to console her with girl talk. I can also see him being completely clued out to those negative undercurrents between Cece & the Muse. I can also see him trying to score reconciliation points with Cece for being such a caring, new age sensitive guy...

Re: dating: Too soon! Waaay too soon! What is she thinking?

Re: Bridgehead kid -- hard to know if the pimply l'il twerp didn't realise 'cougar' wouldn't play as a compliment to anyone post-teen. At least anyone of sensibility. I hope he someday gains the grace and wit to be ashamed of himself.

Re: Abhoria. One rude pushy guy. Her story's compelling, so he tries to squeeze more dish outta her? As if it weren't all there already. And as if it might not be a teensy bit raw right now. Way to pick your moment, asshole! He thinks it's merely a narrative. Bet that goes over big....

Agatha said...

Abhoria IS one pompous little piece of dung, isn't he? Read his latest:
"If you’d divulge at least some detail about Cece, it would make for a more interesting narrative. If she were, say, a bag lady or a cashier at Loblaws, then Mr. M’s recent conduct would assume a certain import. If, however, she were a university professor or an MP or an accomplished international human rights activist, then, doubtless, Mr. M’s recent conduct would assume a strikingly different import."
I hope the 5M tells Mr. Abhoria to shove his own sense of "import" where the sun don't shine.

4th Dwarf said...

Mateys! I'm back! Along with Blog Admin. Quite an adventure we had. But to avoid trouble from the CRTF, I'll write about it on my own blog.

I have to say, BA and I were amusing ourselves with imagining what sort of disaster could have befallen the blogs in our absence. Little did we imagine all this wonderful content from 5M and the inane commenters.

Abhoria's awfulness is indeed no surprise to me. Perhaps someone should backchannel 5M the info the CRTF came up with.

I have to say that I have a different take on the Cougar remark. Some women in the 35 to 40 demographic like the term cougar. The coffee-lad might have met some of these and not known that it would be a synonym for "spinster" to 5M. By saying "in a few years", he was lowering her age by 5 or 6 years. She's in Cougar territory now. He probably thought he was saying that when she gets to be old enough, she'll still be a hottie.

I believe I should let our resident expert pass judgment on whether she is truly a predator.

coyote said...

Dwarf, I await the chronicles of your adventures with interest... meantime, my current situation assessment pastes the predator tag firmly on Abhoria's mugshot, not our putative cougar's. Here, she's more akin to them lamented foster kitties.

Just call him Bucky Goldstein. He's seen her cards, and he's playing her, hoping that the "Aw, shucks, I'm just an insignificant little grad student with a fat head and matching ego, and won't you tell me more about yourself" line will spur a dialogue that, uh, richens with time. For him.

Gotta watch him. He thinks he's smarter than most people, and it makes him arrogant. He also thinks he can ignore such trivial norms as politeness. (You've read the literature. You see where I'm going with this...) She barks at his bumptiousness, and he swings right into the baffle-her-with-charm-&-erudition routine. He assumed he owned that exchange. Maybe he did. He's good -- in a very bad way. Gives us proper predators a bad name.

Conch Shell said...

Coyote, I think she is ready to date again.
In my books, she hasn't properly been dating M since last year. She's just been holding on waiting for inner strength to set her free. As far as I see it, she needs the support of finding other men to focus in on.

coyote said...

I agree, Conch, that she hasn't had the relationship she wanted with M for the past year. And you're absolutely right that she's been trying to find the strength to break away -- but she has nevertheless been emotionally entwined with him. Casual dating? Not a bad idea. Still, in my mind, it's a good idea to take time to clarify one's emotions about a previous - serious - relationship, before taking on the next. Otherwise, you're merely using the second to stuff down the emotion and feelings from the first. Good strategy only if you never want to deal with your accumulated emotional issues... but there's eventually a price to pay.

4th Dwarf said...

Ahh, with M gone, the commenting lads are out in full force.

But it seems Abhoria might be on his way to other blogs.

He quotes 5M: if you look back at my blog and not down your nose ...

and then writes: Good luck with your blog :-)

It seems he is a sensitive soul. At least sensitive to his own feelings, if not those of others.