Sultry - definition from Biology on-line.org

1. Very hot, burning, and oppressive; as, Libya's sultry deserts. "Such as, born beneath the burning sky And sultry sun, betwixt the tropics lie." (Dryden)

2. Very hot and moist, or hot, close, stagnant, and oppressive, as air. "When in the sultry glebe I faint, Or on the thirsty mountain plant." (Addison)

Origin: From Sweltry.

The 5M is trying to be positive today. I think yesterday's comment from Bob helped -the "just try cutting a few angles" advice and the cute little Led Zeppelin reference. I'm glad that she's not engaging with that #0 fellow.
I'm wondering about this desire for "something sultry". Once again, it begs the question - is this what she really wants? Does she not know what happens to people who try to fly too close to the sun?


4th Dwarf said...

Aye, full points to this Bob fellow.

And perhaps "steamy" would have been the word with connotations 5M was really looking for.

6th Apostle said...

With the humidex at +40, it's already sultry. Enough to make one want to crawl out of their own skin. 5M should get back on LL. Put up a "sultry" profile, and make for some "steamy" romance.

4th Dwarf said...

Did any of you see this item in the Globe's Social Studies column today:

Someone for everyone

Last week, to prove his love, a 38-year-old man in Grants Pass, Ore., set himself on fire before getting down on one knee and asking his girlfriend to marry him. About 100 people gathered to watch Todd Grannis perform the flaming stunt, which involved wearing a cape soaked in gasoline. He told Malissa Kusiek: "Honey, you make me hot . . . I'm on fire for you." She told The Associated Press: "At first I was mad . . . Then, of course, the tears started flowing. Of course I said yes. I was so thrilled."

The Independent Concertgoing Observer said...

Maybe Springsteen will sing "I'm on Fire" when he rolls into town, in honour of the 5M and the slightly singed proposal guy.

Agatha said...

The asexual community would have a few things to say about that story, wouldn't they, 4D?

4th Dwarf said...

Yes, Agatha, I suspect they'd point to this as being a prime example of the stupidity of sexuals.

On the other hand, the unwed sexuals might say it's just the stupidity of the marrying people.

It's just been pointed out to me that the Globe and Mail had an article on asexuals today.

It includes this quote: Brock University's Anthony Bogaert, a leading expert in human sexuality, includes in his definition of asexuality: someone who doesn't have sexual desire and is not worried about it, someone who doesn't have sexual desire and is worried about it, and someone who becomes sexually aroused and masturbates.

I highlight the latter because I seem to recall Conch Shell once saying that a common characteristic of narcissists is a preference for masturbation over sex with a partner. And we've noted since the beginning that M is a candidate for a diagnosis of NPD.

6th Apostle said...

"Hey, don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love. " -- Woody Allen

Agent A of the CRTF said...

Fourth Dwarf:

It was the Toronto Star. Misattribution of a source is a violation of the Copyright Act.

Please be more careful.

- The Content Review Task Force

Agent A of the CRTF said...


Our research department has determined that your quote attributed to Dryden would have been more properly attributed as a Dryden quote of Virgil.

As the works of Virgil do not fall under the Copyright Act, you have not placed the ESIs in legal difficulties. You have, nonetheless, not met the standards of scholarship expected in this forum.

Normally this would result in an official sanction, however, we feel your collection of the sultry glebe quote to be a mitigating factor in your favour.

- the Content Review Task Force

Agatha said...

Are you the "Independent" task force, by any chance? Did Conch(Chair)Shell mandate this "content review"?
Well, Agent A, I appreciate the correction. I certainly should have checked this reference before posting, especially given where it was coming from --biology.org.

agent a of the crtf said...

The Content Review Task Force is indeed an independent body, but it has a mandate that goes beyond observation to intervention. This mandate does not come from some arbitrarily appointed leader but from the moral and aesthetic consciences of the task force members.

4th Dwarf said...

Let me guess what the "a" stands for... It starts with "Arrr", I'm sure.

To be sure, 'twas the Toronto Star, ye have me dead to rights on that. And next will ye be correctin' our spellification?

coyote said...

I've been whiffing far too much singed hair about these precincts lately. Dwarf, is this spellification about grammar or magic?

4th Dwarf said...

Goodness, Coyote, we dwarfs aren't even comfortable speaking the "m" word. We leave that to wizards, elves and such. 'twas word-smithing, I was referring to.