Sick kitties, Bob, The Trip, The Click

OK, I was hoping someone else would post something about the 5M's latest. I don't want to be the blogamatrix here, but I feel there are important issues/questions to address. That and I'm procrastinating--a mystery I'm working on... So, here are the issues as I see them:

1) The kitties: the 5M is feeling bad about herself in relation to these little guys. She had to send them back because they were all sick. And one of the little critters took a swipe at one of her recently lasered eyes. And, she couldn't cope with them. M was no help. What is everyone's take on the 5M's kitten experience?

2) Bob: Awww, Bob. She likes Bob. And Bob seems drawn to her, but not in the creepy Evolver kind of way. She communicated directly to Bob in her last posting. Bob says in yesterday's comment "do tell about your eyes too, it saddens me to hear also that they aren't super awsome." Awwww. Isn't that cute? Even his poor spelling is cute. The 5M is loving this. What does everyone think of Bob?

3) The Trip: The "trip test" is coming up. I think it's going to be a nightmare. Other insights?

4) The "click" business: What is this "click" everyone is talking about with such expertise, and who cares? All the commenters--except for Bob--are annoying me right now. I'm disappointed that Minty of all people would riff off Evolver. (Cl)ick. Your thoughts?

5) There really is no 5th... Sorry! The Content Review Task Force fellow will likely come after me for that one...


4th Dwarf said...

1)Sad the kitties had to go back. I'd like to know what the fight was. Maybe M saying "take the bastards back." 5M saying "they're not bastards, you're the only bastard around here". And then resenting him when she took them back and needed him to drive the car. (Plus M arguing that technically the kitties parents were unwed at their birth while his parents were legally married.)

2)Yes, that Bob is a crafty one. Gives the eye advice, stays out of this obscure "click" conversation, he knows how to play this game. They'll be sharing latte's at the new Bridgehead any week now.

3)The trip? Yes a nightmare. Like the tailgating funeral trip to Cornwall only longer and more dangerous because most of it will be in Quebec.

4)The click? I think 5M means passion. Evil'der - probably sexual desire. Minty - emotional intimacy. Garnetnose - wants it to mean whatever will make her sound the deepest. Don't know who this gal is, but:

I think the true test is IF the click lasts, only time will tell...
but only if one is listening

That's not a test. It doesn't even make sense. Go back to living your passion and creating your destiny, and your blog where you say you're single and dating, and well, therein lies a whole bunch of stories but you don't have any actual stories.

Okay, I'm sorry you're out of work, but don't waste our time.

coyote said...

Writer's blog to cure writer's block, hey? Yes, Agatha, I'll bite, and let the crumbs of riffle-chips spew where they may. Ahem. Hi, Dwarf.

I seem to recall some post-y thing about those kittens giving her unconditional love, but with a handily constrained timeline. A Fuzzy Affair to Remember, fast-forwarded & miniaturised. Kinda like speed-dating for pets.

And she couldn't hack it. The episode raises interesting questions about the Muse's own ability to commit, doesn't it? Yes, yes, I know they were sick little mogs, and the vet is the best place for 'em. One test will be if she hangs in to take them back in when (if) they improve. But the point is that she's questioned M's commitment, yet strews clues that her own may be an issue as well.

And yes, Bob seems like a decent sort, given how few words we have upon which to pin his character. But while he sounds properly, cheerful, decent and sympathetic in his comment -- Lord Baden Powell would be proud -- the last posts (admittedly months-oldish) on both of his archived blogs seem to centre on chasin' babes he doesn't know very well. Often in bars. Just a guy's version of life, dating and academics in the nation's capital, no slur on character meant or implied. He's honest about it, but he ain't deep. Then poetic soul I leave to you to research, Dwarf. I agree with you, by the way, about Garnetrose's blog. No stories. How very dull.

As for the road trip, huh. That'll end badly. Every other one has, and my coyote-sense is tingling like those old 25-cent Magic Finger Massages built into mattresses in better third-rate motels everywhere. It's not about any low-rent rendezevous on then road, I'm pretty sure.

Although she seems to be reaching a tentative awareness that M-for-real is not the M-she-imagined, it's getting late in the game, and she still hasn't done much about it besides sit and think. Has all of that thinking changed her situation? I. think. not. But maybe having her own Bridgehead to reign over will accomplish what she (obviously) can't.

Clicks? I'm a click skeptic, if it's shorthand for 'falling in love'. But suppose, instead, for a moment, that most mature people actually grow slowly to love. No real discernable 'click' in such an evolutionary and incremental process as that, is there? It's more like a roll down a grassy hill. But it's possible to fall out of love rather quickly at the other end. Would that be a 'click' or a 'drop-kick'...?

Then again, Dwarf, as you point out, the definition of 'click' seems 'bout as solid as room-temperature quicksilver....

Conch Shell said...

Okay, we tend to agree that the trip with M won't go well. What will go wrong? I think it's about time that he'll do something like meet another woman, whom 5M will think lame and superficial, and he'll proceed to talk to her, and compliment her, all night and leave 5M feeling abandonned and disrespected. 5M will then ask for the keys to his place, so she can leave those two alone to chat. He'll stay out until 4 a.m. She won't say much the next day, but will then return early to Ottawa on the Voyaguer bus.
Other theories?

6th Apostle said...

1. The kitties: she rationalizes way too much about their misfortune. What does she want from her readers? Sympathy. Okay, so the cats aren't working out. Move on. She should do the same with M.

2. Bob. Agree with 4D. Bob's playin' exactly the right way. I think he has the same motives as the other web stalkers. He's just better at being cool about it.

3. The trip. Let's not even go there. I'll ask St. Christopher, patron saint of automobile drivers and bachelors to watch over M's tailgating.

4. The click. Some great advice given there from her fans. "I think the click lasts when it lasts". That's like asking some old person how did they live to be 90 years, and they reply: "By not dying before my 90th birthday."

Conch Shell said...

Personally, I think if 5M doesn't adopt one of those kittens, it speaks to the reason that she is alone and unsatisfied. She lets potentially meaningful relationships slip by her based on lame excuses about why she can't do something.
Come on, 5M, do this for yourself. . .

The Independent Paul Martin Observer said...

"Let me be perfectly clear. I think it is important that all Canadians know the IO is in no way affiliated with The Content Review Task Force or any of its agents. I assure you -- despite what some might say, or back-channel whispers you may have heard -- there is no such connection. To further the aims of a robust blogocracy such as ours, it is essential that the independence of the IO be maintained."

4th Dwarf said...

Arr, enough of this finger-pointing and paranoia. Let's not dignify this "agent a" by paying attention to the scurvy bilge-rat.