Hello Kittens

Just a wee speculation as to why 5M hasn't blogged since becoming a foster mother.


The Chair said...

According to her latest post, the cartoon speculation doesn’t appear to hold. That’s good.

I think her general malaise regarding her life at this milestone is something most of us have identified with at some point in time. Her sentiment would resonate with most late thirty-somethings that haven’t “settled down”, in the conventional sense of the term. Overall, she presents a reasonably cogent view of her situation, don’t ya think?

5M shares an interesting point about not being where she thought she’d be at this juncture in her life and speculates whether that imagined life is something she would truly want. Very deep questions. It does make me want to violate the Heisenberg Directive and send her a birthday note of assurance that says: Don’t think you’re alone on that thought. Welcome to our world.

Agatha said...

Yes, I remember feeling like the 5M way back when I was in my mid-late 30s...We're all socialized to believe that the conventional life is the only life. Like the Chair, I'm seeing some good, honest reflection on her birthday eve posting.
Lovely kitten drawings, 4D. Which one will she keep? Perhaps this could be the next poll.