Yum! Kitties!

I feel like a kit in a candy store! Not one, but four, delightful furlines upon which certain of us may snack, should we feel the desire! Not me, not right now, because I scared up a dumb-ish prairie chicken this morning, and snacked on some tasty orange bulberries for coffee break. But I'm just sayin'.

And she must tear herself away from her rapture to deal with thesis, health card photos, and the trifling matter of an under-the-gun inheritance. What was the deadline? Ten days? Cutting it a bit fine, I think.


The Chair said...

Ah, good ole' Minty once again provides the right diversion for our angst-prone muse.

Maybe the ESIs should be re-named the ESPs. Did we not predict (via one our weekly polls) that she'd get into the kitten photo posting habit before she even hinted of the prospect?

4th Dwarf said...

From Against Depression by Peter D. Kramer p. 139:

...people who carry a genetic liability for depression tend to "select themselves into high-risk environments". They drop out of school, marry unwisely, divorce often, abuse drugs and alcohol, and expose themselves to catastrophe all along the line.