Who is Kyle?

Sounds like M and the Chair have a similar taste in women: tall, awkward looking women who make up for it with extremely flirtatious behaviour.


coyote said...

That's being kinda tough on The Chair, don'cha think? I bet he wouldn't much like Yoga F(l)ake.

The interesting thing here, as your title suggests, is that our muse has slipped up. Unless, of course, Kyle's buried somewhere in that daunting back catalog of comments she's accumulated.

If I were to overcome my innate Luddite suspicion of that nifty little polling device at the bottom of our page, I'd vote that she is most definitely not improving this week. Last week was all relief at finishing her marking. Now, not only the symposium, but reality of her unsatisfactory relationship, are setting in, making up a sort of depressive tag-team. In the silent fear and avoidance of M's mood on the drive to Cornwall, and the escalating arguments on the way back, I smell the bitter smoke of a funeral pyre. I do not speak of M's friend, here. Nor of burnt saskatoon pie...

I digress. Back to the evidence. Her literary facade is falling askew just now. The name dropping, and the more frequent misspellings in her usually-careful prose (Trackter? For Old Man's sake!) are in keeping with her present lack of care for her self. She is becoming nearly as depressed as M.

Is depression actually catching? As no specialist in neurochemical disorders -- hey, I'm a frickin' wild dog here, fer cripes' sakes -- I can't say. But I do know that a depressed person generally swamps all those close by. The degree depends upon how enmeshed one is. 5M, in choosing to be so closely involved with M, is well on her way.

I make no claims as to which is the more depressed, or which is the original carrier. It's entirely possible that each, on their own, would be fine. Together, though, they catalyse toxicity.

For this reason, I take her open anger now as a healthy sign. Anger cracks through depression. If she can sustain her anger, she will act. If not, it will merely relieve her for a bit before she relapses into despair.

What 5M does is up to her. But I think I know, from my position of distant clarity on the rim of this coulee, what she should do.

The Chair said...

I'm guessing Kyle is one of her fans that emails her. I don't think I'm the only one who gravitates to somewhat awkward, flirtatious, tall women. It's a bit of a generic attraction for most guys, so 5M should lighten up a bit. Or as a minimum, avoid looking at this as a unique problem to M. Besides, if things were going swimmingly with M, she wouldn't even be making these observations about his behaviour with his ex. All of her reactions are purely in the context of her general malaise when it comes to M, and less so M’s actual behaviour at that moment. On the other hand, her concern for his tailgating is legitimate. While I'm no expert on couple dynamics, I think all relationships should respect the Highway Traffic Act as a matter of common courtesy.

Agatha said...

Coyote and Chair - I think you are both hitting on key issues here. I would like to retract my earlier "more sympathetic reading" of M posting. The tailgating thing totally turned me off and points to a more serious pathology. What I want to know, though, is what all of this means for short, graceful, non-flirtatious types?

Conch Shell said...

"M likes praise; he lives for it."
This is classic narcissism. Other charcteristics include, aggressive driving, obsessive body image focus, marathon running, insulting behaviour to others, Great White Shark syndrome, and underlying negativity. I've read there are two types of narcissists. The highly sexual Don Juan types who can't limit themselves to one woman, and the asexual types who instead find their supremacy in cerebral pursuits. Unfortunately, there's no-one worse to have a relationship with than a narcissist, and they do seek out the weak.
Let's hope her anger gets her away from M.

4th Dwarf said...

Conch shell, I think the Chair may have to edit your posts that refer to GWS syndrome. I just did a Google on "great white shark syndrome" and it came back with:

Your search - "great white shark syndrome" - did not match any documents.

- Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
- Try different keywords.
- Try more general keywords.

In a week or two, anyone who punches in the quoted phrase "great white shark syndrome" will wind up here and only here.

In other news, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, (the movie) only so-so. But what do you expect from a movie that has neither pirates nor genocide?

Chair, can you give us a countdown ticker to International Talk Like a Pirate Day? (Sept 19)

4th Dwarf said...

And Agatha, we've gone through this before. Short, graceful, non-flirtatious women have all sorts of mojo.