Where's me coffee?

Tis almost 3 bells in th' forenoon watch (9:30am for ye lubbers), I've not broken me fast and there's no new entry in the log of the wee lass'.

Here's to hoping we have some lusty shower curtain ripping tale or a good cutlass and blunderbuss crossing to match the yarn of her voyage to legendary Kazabazua.

Tho I have to admit, I've a soft spot fer her poems, e'en tho they lack heroic deeds and valiant deaths.

And if she be with the lcp, at least the varlet makes a passable lookin' fellow pirate fer all he has no missing limbs.

If ye be seekin' diversion ye' might read this tale of acquisition gone wrong.

My mother is insane. Like, one of those ladies you see on the local news insane. Since it's inevitably going to come up I'll get out of the way that I am too, but at least I take a full dose of my medication. I've been meaning to make this thread for about the last year, but the longer I waited the more interesting the situation became. Also, I'm incredibly lazy. Case in point, these pictures are about three weeks old.


Agatha said...

Thanks for this little diary of a hoarder, 4th Dwarf. Animals do this, too. I'm sure coyote could tell us a thing or two about hoarding. Hoarding doesn't seem to be among the 5Ms pathologies. Her rubbish heap is higher than most, I suspect.

The Chair said...

Now that is some serious pathology. 5M needs to deliver further content along these lines. I particularly enjoyed reading the feedback provided to the original poster at the Somethingawful site. Top five favourite responses:

5. Never thought my mom would look normal. this seems like one of those "nope, my family is weirder" stories you would never believe without the pics...

4. Make sure you erase your name from the will...

3. Call the fire marshall, then get your mom some help.

2. So, if it's your mom's house, why is it your business what she wants to fill it with? Sure, it appears that she's crazy as sh_t, but hey - if she's not hurting anybody and it makes her happy, what's the harm?

1. Hewlet Packard just called and they want all of their boxes back