Let's see, the Chair is in the land of mountains; Conch Shell is swimming in dangerous waters; Agatha has the vapours; I'm bored and Coyote... where is Coyote? (Ahh, simultaneous posting, chasing gophers)

I think I should start doing predictions for which events 5M will attend in the upcoming week.

Tonight: she's picked the Westfest party at Arts Court. That'd be my #2 pick behind the Lynn Miles/Melwood Cutlery/Jenny Whitely show at the Black Sheep; but if I was a single person hoping to meet a poetic stranger (and not a single person who has given up), the Westfest party would be #1.

Saturday: 5M doesn't seem to be a dancer, but the Barefoot Boogie might have connections to the Yoga crowd. Then there's the Jimmy George show at Barrymores. Someone with lots of energy could do both.

Sunday: There's a Sasquatch reading at the Oak. 2pm to 4 or later. 5M said she doesn't want to shut herself in on a basement on a sunny Sunday any more. Yes, it's supposed to rain on Sunday, but the Sasquatch crowd is old. lc poet won't be there. So, I think no for Sasquatch. Maybe the Manx, 9PM Yael Wand, Trevor Tchir, Rozalind MacPhail

Monday: Rain in the forecast. But the Tulipfest has Andy Stochansky, Matthew Barber, Ron Sexsmith in the afternoon and Boy, the Hi Lo Trons, and Hawksley Workman in the evening. That's where all the Hipsters will be who didn't go to Montreal.

Tuesday: Four different literary events to choose from. The Tree Reading at the Oak is a strong possibility. But the CEPAL Fundraiser at the Gap of Dunloe is another contender. Tree has Anthony Bansfield as the feature reader. Founder of the Golden Star series which 5M attends. CEPAL will have "special guest Ritallin the Cerebral Stimulant" and Yael Wand (the same Yael Wand from Sunday at the Manx.) If she goes out, I'd expect to see her at Tree.

Wednesday: No Rules Slam at the Parliament Pub? Maybe just an evening Yoga class.

Thursday: Spins and Needles at the Clocktower. Hipsters doing crafts. And M'ntyFresh, her fellow blogger is hooked on it.


The Chair said...

The Chair, with the assistance of his local contacts, found a popular Friday after-work hangout in the land of the mountains. The local brewery promotes a happy-hour sort-of event. Buck a beer. Though one has to stand by the loading docks to enjoy their beverage, the student "ambiance" more than made up for it. Needless to say, the Chair feels more like a sofa today (make that a smoke filled sofa!)

4th Dwarf said...

Perhaps you should update your picture http://www.fireflyoffice.org/photography/march04/brokencouch.jpg

Agatha said...

Chair- great that you found a good place in the mountainous region. Enjoy your day as an overstuffed divan.

4th Dwarf said...

You know, people say I'm stubborn and inflexible, but as I type this, I'm drinking herbal tea and making chicken soup on the stove.

Do you suppose 5M is working on her paper? It's a good rainy day for doing that sort of thing.

I don't see any runners on the street cams.

coyote said...

No, no runners on the cams. Just a lot of spindrift fogging up the little windows in front of the lenses. A few runner types were wandering about the downtown core in soaking spandex this afternoon, but none looked capable of inspiring any of the lively arts.

It's also a good rainy day for hiding under the covers all day listening to the radio, or sitting in the Java Joint and avoiding one's thesis.

So, who is saying you're stubborn and inflexible, Dwarf? Point 'em out and I'll bite 'em. I've always found you to be highly adaptable to pretty much any circumstance..

Agatha said...

Speaking of Java Joints, when I was in one of the Bridgeheads this afternoon (not the 5Ms) meeting Miss Marple for tea, I noted an inordinate number of creepy men with laptops. What is it about fair trade coffee that seens to attract these sorts?

coyote said...

Those, Agatha, would be the pathetic characters that us hairy quadrupeds across the barbed wire refer to as 'WiFi Wankers'. These wannabes hang about in fair-trade coffee emporia with their shiny toys, as they suck back vast galloons of stimulant and scope babes out of the corners of their shifty eyes. They are hoping to impress said babes with their socially-aware sensitivity. They are also hoping said babes'll walk up and ask 'em what they're doing. What they are invariably doing is pretending to write long, boring, pointless novels. Well, some actually are writing long, boring pointless novels. But to a man, all of 'em are really there to try to get into socially-aware chix' pantz. You will note that I earlier called 'em pathetic. That is because this gambit so seldom works. From which, I think, we may conclude that the universe continues to unfold as it should.

4th Dwarf said...

Yes, these pathetic wankers are not nearly as cool as the guys who hang out in coffee joints writing by hand with Xonox Rollerpoints in Hilroy Stenobooks.