Pick it up 5M!

If the 5M doesn't pick up the pace and content, I'm compelled to focus my attention on another neighbourhood blogger whose site should probably have co-opted the ESI title instead of ours.



Agatha said...

Oh boy. All the uppercase stuff makes me feel like I'm being yelled at.
Don't you worry, Chair. I think the 5M is going to come up for air soon. She's probably showering over at her new poet friend's house.

Agatha said...

I take back what I said earlier. You're right, Chair, she needs to pick up the pace a bit here. I don't want to have focus my attention on that obnoxious B*M F*CK FELLOW.
On a completely separate matter - looking forward to seeing you all at the Dwarffest later on today.

4th Dwarf said...

I'm optimistic about 5M. If not, maybe we could set up a site that automatically converts HC Funk's posts to title case.

coyote said...

That's quite a change of pace, Chair. I personally feel better equipped to confront garden-variety neuroses, than the full-blown, loco-weed-chompin' psychosis behind that link. There's nuts, and then there's NUTZ!!!!

She's writing a thesis. It's boring. We can't expect her to entertain us every day. And her average is pretty good so far.

Is the Dwarffest to be subterranean?

Agatha said...

Yes, subterranean. The Dwarf feels comfortable down there and it is the Dwarffest, after all.