Belinda has crossed the floor, bless her soul. Perhaps this will be part of the 5Ms blog posting today. Has the 5M ever mentioned politics in her blog? Where do you figure she positions herself? 4th Dwarf - I'm just loving your new pirate talk.


4th Dwarf said...
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4th Dwarf said...
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4th Dwarf said...

Thank ye, Agatha. Nothin' puts more wind in me sails than makin' ye happy.

As fer 5M an' commentary on politickal shenanigans, she has commented in th' past. Fer example jus' before th' last federal, she made some predictions, but they be accompanied by self-deprecatin' remarks suggestin' that she didna really know what she be talkin' about an' that she ought really pay more attention t' 't all.

coyote said...

Holy crap. This is a fine plot twist. I am suddenly -- to recoin a snack-sized phrase from the Rodgers & Hart songbook -- Bewitch'd Bother'd & Belinda'd.

Gotta hand it to her for landing on her stylishly Blahnik-shod paws, and to the Liberals for doing what Liberals have for so many years done so well -- being, and I quote, 'brilliantly opportunistic tacticians'.

And anything that messes with the head of that Night of the Living Dead opposition leader is good. Very good. Us coyotes think little of fanatical ideologues. Unless they're roasted chickens, for whom we make exceptions for obvious reasons.

I see no posting from 5M, even by the mid-afternoon mark. She may have issues to work out. She may be buried under her thesis. She may be asleep. She may have decided to blow off her entire usual life for awhile, and dine on Popsicles all day. I vote for the latter. Popsicles are food for the soul.

Errrrrrr, sorry. I see, reading back, that I seem a little food-obsessed at the moment. Pickings were slim on the prairies this morning. Ta, Agatha. Yo Ho Ho, 4thDthB. I'm off to find some lunch.

4th Dwarf said...

Enough with the Pirate Talk. Too many things to comment on.

1) The Chair is going to be desolate when he finds out that he's out of the country when Belinda went back on the market. I expect that by the time he returns from the land of my gnomish cousins she'll have hooked up with Scott Brison.

2) 5M is back online. No mention of Belinda, likely she's not aware of the development, not being plugged in as we are. She says "The poet has inspired me to get back to rewriting my novel". Is this "poet" (a) her inner aspect that is a poet?; (b) the one man with poetry in his soul that she has met; or (c) some other poet?

3) Speaking of self-referential... can any of you make out the Adrienne Rich quote? My brain isn't able to interact with the text. It's like my eyes bounce off it when I try to read it.

Agatha said...

In response to your comments, 4th Dwarf the Bloody: 1)Yeah, but I'm not sure Belinda has that tall awkward mojo that the Chair is looking for. She is too smooth for his liking. In fact, I don't think he'd give her second glance.
2) I think the answer is (b) who is not M, as one in the group hypothesized. M is a microwave engineer. I think this "poet" may be one of her students. Let's keep our eye on this one.
3)The break-up with M has prompted a much needed (re)vision of (her)story and a (re)visiting of her feminist roots. This is "a good thing", as Martha would say. I think the Adrienne Rich quote was posted as an anti-phallo-logo-centric message--perhaps a response to the Belinda news. And, I guess this answers my earlier question about the 5M's politics.

The Chair said...

Oh no, Belinda. Say it aint so.

Read the Ottawa gossip in the Intl Herald Tribune. Has she split up with Mackay? Maybe 5M will now hook up with him.

Gotta go now.